Inside Unheated Storage Estimator

Inside Unheated Storage Estimator


JackStandSubtotal = Math.floor();

Inside Unheated Storage ($5.50/square foot)

Shoring ($15/linear foot)
None (have own trailer)

Please use slider below to put in Boat Length for Haul and Launch calulation.

Jack Stands

Hull Power Washing ($125)

Mast Storage ($300, per season)
Demasting ($600 Based on complexity of rigging)

Jet Ski or Dingy ($350)
Dingy (no charge if on deck) ($100)

Fogging Oil (gas only) $10
Fuel Stabilizer (gas only) small $9
Fuel Stabilizer (gas only) medium $16
Fuel Stabilizer (gas only) large $26
Antifreeze - Engine (4-5 gallons) $13/gallon
Antifreeze - Water System (2-3 gallons) $13/gallon
Labor $120

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