Excavation and Aggregate Products


The Right Equipment

Our extensive selection of heavy equipment means we make the best match for your job. By using the right equipment, we minimize disruption to your life and your property, while guaranteeing the best use of our time and you budget.


Our Services

  • Road Construction
  • Lot Clearing and Site Preparation
  • Foundations
  • Drainage
  • Utility Placement and Issues
  • Septic Systems and Repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Tree, Stump and Rock Removal
  • Snow Plowing



Yacht Haven has a large selection of aggregates and professionally processed gravel and soil, including:

  • Sand – Mortar and fill/foundation base
  • Gravel -- Pit run and crushed road mix (22A)
  • Soil and Landscaping Stone - Including native Limestone for fireplaces and landscaping, various landscape stones and boulders, rip rap for break walls and erosion containment, clean crushed stone (3/4”) and screened top soil

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